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Walk in…

This is where timkid children's furniture
are made.


*Proprietary design

*100% Made in Germany
  (Dömitz, Mecklenburg/West Pomerania) 



*Sustainable materials 
  (FSC wood and residual materials)



*Long usability, TÜV certified

timkid GmbH was founded in 2000.

When Tim (designer) and Sabine (occupational therapist for children) couldn't find any nice children's furniture for their own kids, they decided to design some themselves.

Initially, 3 basic products were created. 1 cot with fabric sides, a chair that grows with the child and a wall-mounted changing table.

Stall-Werkstatt 001.jpg

Europe's No. 1

Over the years, many products have been added and over the past 12 years, timkid has evolved into Europe's largest changing table manufacturer.


Our customers...

are not only parents, but also day-care centers, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, drugstore chains, service areas and everywhere diapers need to be changed.


That's timkid!

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